East Sussex County Council, UK commissioned me to create large scale window manifestations for new library in Newhaven. This commission is part of large project titled Transparent. I had the most fun being part of this, I got to work alongside very talented creatives such as the project photographer Carlotta Luke who documented the whole process and fine artist Ashley McCormick.
This commission is very special and close to my heart, as with it I won a small budget that could be used on anything that would help further my career.
I have decided I needed mentoring on how to design workshops and plan creative sessions. I could have not chosen better, my mentor Ashley helped me explore the subject as much as possible and made me think of many aspects. From questioning myself as an artist and what I have to offer, to project research directly in public realm, workshops planning, different age groups, logistics, health and safety, writing reports. Ashley made me think of how to ask the right questions and why. The use of social media. The list could go on, the important think is that the mentoring helped me to gain confidence. I am very grateful for this experience.

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